Citi Field vs. Yankee Stadium

rivals on and off the field

It was only a matter of time seconds before the world pitted the ballpark food of new Citi Field against that of the new Yankees stadium.

Now batting, The New York Times.

Having gone to both parks, Frank Bruni uses words like “watery shipwreck”, “astringent kick” and “under seasoned” when discussing the lobster roll, clam chowder and pulled pork sandwich, respectively at Citi.  Box Frites and their “terrifically crisp fries” won praise.  **Fries?  that was the best food at a brand new park?  FAIL.

“Bland”, “cold”, “overcooked” and “soggy” were mentioned in terms of the Yankees sushi and Lobel’s steak sandwiches.

Not a great review but in came the burger reviews pitting a wounded and gross Johnny Rockets (Yanks) against the season vet that is Shake Shack (Mets).  To no surprise, unlike their team on the field, the Mets won the championship of city stadium food.

JMI reader, Crusty Tenderloin writes – Hmm, I didn’t try much.  Went to the Shake Shack area, where there was also a Belgian fries place and some other stuff, but the lines were really, really long.  All I ate was an Italian sausage & peppers, which was delicious.  I was impressed by the hot dog condiments bars – tomato, jalapenos, multiple relishes, etc which allowed you to really dress up a plain dog.

Prices were all 75 cents cheaper than Yankee Stadium and the fact that the Yankees have johnny rockets while the Mets have Shake Shack is douwnright depressing.

The Final Bite:

The team nor its fans hear this often but, Mets win!  Mets win!

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2 responses to “Citi Field vs. Yankee Stadium

  1. Jason

    please review citizens bank park’s meat.
    I love Mr Meat it!

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