Virgil’s (Midtown)

Worth the Times Square headache?

After a day with the client, a few of us carnivores decided to hit up 5 Napkin Burger for some meating and fry action.

Instead, we got the old “45 minute wait” excuse and had to go else where.  I name dropped Just Meat It was only received a ‘What the F are you talking about look.’

Equipped with a smartphone that just died and an appetite for meat destruction, I followed a colleague who was in town through the dank pits of Times Square where we found Virgil’s BBQ (next to his hotel, how convenient).

Mind you, I hate Times Square but was to hungry to argue.  We made our way for some beef, brisket and brews and all in all, the Chicken, rib and brisket combo wasn’t bad.

The Final Bite

Kind of expensive for what its worth and the brisket could have been less dry – but when in Rome…

Location:152 West 44th Street, NY, NY 10036

Rating:2.50/5 brandings

Virgil's Real Barbecue on Urbanspoon

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