Best New York City Cheesesteak?

nothing better

Does Wogies (Whoa-Gee) Bar & Grill in the West Village have the best cheesesteak in New York City?

Such a bold steakment will receive its fair share of arguments but its a question worth asking.  With its flavor flowing drip combination of meat, cheese and onions slapped inside a freshly baked superbly soft roll; a Wogies cheesesteak is in line with the likes of 99 Miles to Philly, Carl Steaks, Shorty’s to take home top meat.

the man

Owned by Aaron Hoffman who dedicated the name Wogies to his Philly cheesesteak loving father, this cozy bar wont let you forget about their equally delicious buttery buffalo wings and KILLER fries that include deeply crisp waffle style + wiz + brown gravy.

Head to euphoria and order all three; start with the wings, finish off the fries, then take that virginal cheesesteak and dip that drip into all the leftover wing sauce, cheese and gravy. {Insert grin}

Whadda ya think – Wogies, 99 Miles, Carl’s, Shorty’s or elsewhere?  Give your thoughts in the comments below.  Agree (of course), plain stoopid or missing a place we should know about.

Location: 39 Greenwich Ave at Charles St, West Village

Rating: 4/5 brandings

Wogie's Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

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4 responses to “Best New York City Cheesesteak?

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  2. John

    Lifelong Philadelphian here…it’s ok. Too light on the onions and too heavy on the chop. Tip to the cook, let the hot spot on the grill do the work for you. The heat will melt the fat and the sandwich will keep the flavor of the steak.

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