Joy Burger Bar (West Village)

To sauce focused?

Short for Enjoy, the Joy Burger Bar is relatively new to the West Village and the sister spot to the original located in East Harlem.

Let it be known, this is no greasy spoon.  Joy as the man behind the counter said “takes pride in its healthier menu options including their burgers.”  Say what now, Healthy burgers?  Yup, you read that correctly; healthier bur-gers.  Interesting concept to say the least but I was left wondering what if any taste explosions I’d get.

credit: joy b.

The Burger

Joy s’ burger is a real meat patty and is optioned into three different sizes; the Munch (3), Midi (5), and Maxi (8oz).  Like all Americans who are bad at visualizing ounces, the 5oz with onion rings was enough without going comatose for the rest of my afternoon.

Here’s where Joy lost me.  By sticking with their healthier theme, the patty didn’t satisfy me.  I found it lacking flavor, the juicy-ness I’m accustomed to and respectively fairly/sadly tasteless.  By using fresh meat, your taste buds knew it was legit but the seasoning was lacking or just downright missing.  To make up for this, I felt like Joy really pushed its sauces.

The Sauces Make the Difference

Do they?  Joy’s distinctive characteristic from other burger bars is their signature sauces which I mentioned, they really push.  With 9 flavors that include garlic mayo, spicy mayo, chimichuri and spicy mango chutney, its a great idea and added a unique flavor but was the only flavor.

The Final Bite

With so many burger joints packed into the West Village, its hard to make noise over the veterans unless you throw something unique to the wind and hope it doesn’t smack you in the face.  Joy does just that with its sauces, zucchini sticks and Limonana (Frozen mint lemonade) but they really lost me on their overall burger.  Its a decent joint, unique concept with a great location but if you’re looking for a grease running down your chin experience, head further west.

Location: 361 Avenue of the Amercias (at Washington Pl)

Rating: 2.5/5 brandings

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