Winning the New York Burger War : Brindle Room (East Village)

There’s a full-on Burger War in this city folks and no longer will a Shack cam, local blogger awards or a savvy social media execution push you to the top of the meat chain.  You need video.  Video so tastily delicious you’d swear Joe Junior’s grease was leaking from your monitor.

277 east 10th street

Liza de Guia founder of FoodCurated, a site solely dedicated to video food reviews made one recent trip to Brindle Room that serves a knockout punch to the rest of the burger community on a ceramic platter.  Not only will any Ah-Amerika’ lovin’ meat eatin’ fool not be able to contain themselves after watching this video, there’s no way you can watch and not crown The Brindle Room the new king of New York City burgers.

From FoodCurated:

Meet Chef Jeremy Spector of The Brindle Room in Manhattan’s East Village, a cozy, charming, neighborhood restaurant that sears up quite possibly, the best tasting burger in New York City.

Chef Jeremy walked Liza through the design of The Brindle Room burger, explaining in detail what makes them so sought after and so terribly addicting. For me, it’s all about the meat. There’s something special about the beef in this burger. You can taste it in every bite, and feel the flavor develop with every chew. It’s a quality that Jeremy likens to “a fine cheese or good wine”. Truly, a burger for meat lovers.

Served on the menu during their lunch hour while dinner diners have to request it, the Brindle Room is still a lesser known commodity to our web loving reviewer world (only 70 Yelp reviews, 4 NY mag) but will ultimately melt its sexy cooked medium ass into our hearts.  So hurry. GO! and mention the Vimeo video above to get a complimentary glass of sangria.

The Brindle Room on Urbanspoon

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One response to “Winning the New York Burger War : Brindle Room (East Village)

  1. Sean

    My favorite part of this article is the embedded video, so good

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