About JMI

JMI in NYC ... and now Boston

This little blog was started by one guy in 2009 who was sick and bored with his job, but passionate about everything meat – burgers and steaks if you will.  Of all the ideas I’ve had, this took off for me and I haven’t looked back.  Its turned into a nice little obsession and conversation starter along the way.

Since its creation, Just Meat It helped NYC carnivores rejoice.  JMI was a place to find out all things meat in New York City. From Hole-in-the-Wall to the Best-in-the-City, we kept you in the know on everything you wanted to know.

As we fast forward to 2012, life has taken JMI to a new city by the name of Boston.  With little knowledge of the food before relocating aside from the rumored clam chowda’ Beantown surprisingly is nothing to frown upon and pulls its own carcass well. With more Universities and people than anywhere else in this country, we’re exploring Boston’s neighborhoods for the same as we’ve always done; from the cheap and delicious to expensive and high brow.

So hold tight, follow my adventures, make suggestions, comment and tell me if you’re ever up for a bite.

One response to “About JMI

  1. I’m the Marketing Director at Social Sports Kitchen, a Sports Bar across the street from Hofstra University and the Nassau Coliseum. We recently renovated and would love to invite you down for some food one night to maybe write up an article/blog. We have an AWESOME Coliseum Burger! Please contact me back at your convenience. Thank you.

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